What is Sled Dogs?

Sled Dogs is a brand for a unique Norwegian winter sport product. The guys behind the product are the Norwegian brothers Ronny Paul Gydar and Tommy Einar Gydar Syversen. Ronny is the hardcore Inliner which was looking for a way to enjoy inlines in winter time.

Tommy is the guy that loves after-ski and was looking for something to enjoy before after-ski. Together they share the passion for Sled Dogs Snowskates and nothing makes them more happy then to see fellow snowskaters on the slopes.
Welcome to our family!


You must exercise good judgement and common sense when using Sled Dogs snow skates. Sled Dogs can not be liable for injuries or damages arising from the dangers and risks inherent in the sport. Your safety and the safety of others depend upon your cautious and prudent use of your Sled Dogs snowskates.