Do you need any other equipment?
sleddogs_Kaprun_2014_deadcatdigital-13You do not need any other equipment! Just warm clothing, gloves etc. and a helmet. Ski poles should not be used. Sled Dogs Snowskates are also super-compact for transport back and forth to and from the ski slopes. We do offer some accessories that may be useful: Doggie walkers are a quick-slip-on cover for the dogs for use when walking on pavement, gravel etc. Another great thing about Sled Dogs Snowskates is that you can walk around anywhere but we recommend Doggy Walkers for extending the life of your dogs.
How long does it take to learn?

sleddogs_austria_kaprun_test_2014_10Actually after just one trip down a slope you will ‘get it’. In just one day you can learn to be pretty confident and really have fun! It’s perfectly possible to learn on your own as it feels very natural. You will of course learn faster with a more-experienced friend or a trainer. Of course it takes time to be slick, but it is fast to get started. Sled Dogs is like a good video game. Intuitive and easy to get started but hard to master.

If you skate on ice or in-lines you will probably take to Sled Dogs Snowskates like a duck to water!

Is it possible to wax the Sled Dogs for more speed?

sleddogs_Kaprun_2014_deadcatdigital-16Sure! Wax that works for skis/snowboards will work with Sled Dogs also.

If the temperature is between -10 and -2 degrees Celsius you might as well drop waxing, since the Sled Dogs perform really well in this temperature range (you will get a slightly better glide with waxing at this temperature also, but the difference will not be large enough for most people to notice).

If the temprature is approx -10 degrees Celsius or COLDER, use our Sled Dogs wax. This wax will hold for a couple of hours, to the whole day (depending on the snow conditions).

It is easy to apply, works great!

Can I use Sled Dogs Snowskates on/in the ski lift?

bscap0046After a while you probably want to use your skates on an alpine-slope…and unfortunately not all slopes have a chairlift.
So what do you do!? TUMBLE AND FALL!?

No, taking a lift is very simple, do the same you would do with skis (you HAVE tried skis before!?). The only difference is that you should put a little more of your weight on your heels, and the first times you might also lean a bit extra backwards to be 110% certain that you don’t run/dig the tip of the skate into the snow.

Sounds easy!? Well, that’s because it is easy.

Skate into place and perform the most basic dog trick of all: Sit. But not until the chair hits the back of your legs. When you leave the lift, keep your toes up and slide easily from the landing.

Again, sit. But this time, make sure your weight is evenly distributed, knees are bent, and skates are flat and level.

Protect your skates during the ride with Doggie Walkers base covers.

Can I use Sled Dogs Snowskates off-piste?

sleddogs_snowskates_kaprun_austria-3Sled Dogs Snowskates are designed and tested for groomed/hard-packed slopes only. The surface needs to be firm enough to support your weight. Light powder is no problem as long as the snow/ground underneath is firm. Sled Dogs Snowskates ARE awesome on pretty much all managed slopes/pistes! (see videos!)

Some extreme Sled Dogs Snowskaters have taken the sport into snow-covered parks and streets to practice and perform stunts and tricks. Snowskaters undertake these activities at their own risk and should observe local laws and regulations as well as their safety and the safety of other people at all times.

How fast you can go?

sleddogs_Kaprun_2014_deadcatdigital-5With Sled Dogs you can go much faster than you might think! It also feels faster because you are so light on your feet. We say that the toughest guys have the shortest skis. Our Top riders do up to 100kmh down a Super G slope in Kvitfjell, Norway. The documented record is more than 130kmh following a Yamaha RX-2 snowmobile using a waterski rope at Blaker, a farm area close to Oslo in Norway. Of course, for most Snowskaters on typical slopes speeds of 30-60kmh are the norm …this is still very quick! Always respect the rules of the slope and the safety of other people.

How much time does it take for my order arrive?

bigstock__D_rendering_of_a_world_map__17922038We ship the same day for orders received on weekdays before 11.00 utc/gmt+2 (Oslo, Norway local time). Orders received after 11.00 will be shipped the next day. Goods are packed and shipped Monday-Friday. The goods are shipped from Hungary (EU country) and within the EU shipping time is 2-4 full working days only. USA and Canada shipping time is between 2-8 days depending if it is standard or express shipping. Asia and Australasia is through local partners. If you are still unsure about shipment time, just send us an email and we will answer within 24 hours on weekdays.

Can you use Sled Dogs with a snowbike?

Jeff Butcher on Sled Dogs with snowbike Yes, Sled Dogs Snowskates are very practical for snowbikes. The feedback is actually excellent for snowbikes. Our friend Jeff at Koski skibikes in the US has used Sled Dogs with skibikes for some time and says it is the perfect marriage of products. Try it for yourself. Proof of the pudding is the taste!