How do you stop?

Hey, shouldn’t this have been the FIRST lesson!?

You’re absolutely right, it should! Because only when you know how to control your speed/stop, only then will you relax, and actually be able to learn how to jump, slalom, and so on. Stopping when you`re on Sled Dogs is almost exactly the same as stopping on ice-skates or slalom-skis. Actually it is even easier (slalom-skis are a bit “heavy” to turn for a “rookie”, and ice-skates demand more balance)!

You “slide” sideways, tilting the skates sideways (leaning slightly in the opposite direction your going) so that the steel edges get some grip on the snow/ice. As always, this is difficult to explain in words, so just leave it with saying; “Use the same technique as on ICE-SKATES or SKIS!”

When you really get the hang of it, you can “stop on a quarter” from break-neck velocities…and look reeeeaaallly COOL while doing so…