Skier or snowboarder


Skiers/boarders – Not our target group, but we embrace them with open arms.
Anyone who skis will find SledDogs Snowskates new, fun, easy and refreshingly unhindered. They just love it because it’s new, while the movements they are familiar with from ski-ing are even easier on Sled Dogs! People who know how to ski or skate will feel right at home with Sled Dogs. They often say ‘’I never believed I would have so much control’’, ‘’It’s so easy to stop and turn’’, etc. There are also many ex-skiers and ex-snowboarders with knee problems who enjoy Sled Dogs because it is more gentle on the knees.
Openminded snowboarders or those who are a bit bored or just looking for new experiences really like Sled Dogs. There were a couple of snowboarders who said they would never use skis but were prepared to give Sled Dogs Snowskates a go, and they liked it so much they bought a pair after they tested. They say that Sled Dogs is great when the snow is hardpacked, groomed or a bit icy. After heavy snowfall and for off piste, they use snowboard!

Because Sled Dogs give confidence and fast results, users quickly develop the drive to improve. Many people find skiing and snowboard a big barrier to overcome and simply never go to a ski slope, or give up after a disappointing first visit. Sled Dogs can help these people to the slope. In the future they may be masters of Sled Dogs or they do others ski sports or a combination of several. The beauty of Sled Dogs – and why we say it is part of evolution


– is that it has something immediate to offer to different profiles.
It is easy to learn but hard to master. This makes it accessible for total beginners and people who never dared to go to a skislope, while it also appeals to top athletes wanting to focus on certain aspects of fitness and new challenges.
Without a doubt we can say Sled Dogs Snowskates are the easiest snow slope equipment to learn and control available.

What are the limitations?

Having listed the good points of having super-short bases (easier to learn, balance, control, turn, stop, fall safely, and step) it is only fair to be clear about the downsides:
• With a reduced surface area to the snow, Sled Dogs Snowskates do not work off-piste.
• When the snow is especially soft/warm eg. at the end of season, Sled Dogs are not recommended.

Sled Dogs Snowskates do not require *perfect* slope conditions – first-time users will be surprised just how tolerant the equipment is – rather Sled Dogs simply need the typical conditions at a managed slope:
hardpacked and groomed.

It is really easy to use Sled Dogs on skilifts, a lot easier than using them with a snowboard or skis. It’s just important to remember Sled Dogs have a base and glide – so glide, don’t walk!

Icy conditions
Sled Dogs have steel edges (similar to skis and snowboard) that grip well in icy conditions and keep you in control. In very icy conditions the advice is the same as for skis and snowboard:
recommended only at advanced level for those who know how to use the edges and have maintained a sharp edge.