Anne Cecilie Leite

Anne Cecilie Leite

Date of Birth: 21/05/1974.
Place of birth: Oslo, Norway.
Where do you live today: Oslo, Norway.
Full name: Anne Cecilie Leite.
Nickname: AC.
Favorite trick: Pirouettes.
What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: You get a similar feeling as skating on ice, just that it is on snow. It is easy to use your balance and bodyweight to turn.

You use normal skating movements to get up to speed, again just as on ice skates. Easy to do tricks when you do not have to drag the whole ski in the air or in the snow.

Social and fun and good exercise especially for ass and thighs :)

Other sports you do: Aerobic and fitness trainer, active in figure skating (Norwegian Jr. Champion and many years on the national team), dancing, running, watersports and anything that is fun!


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Wednesday September 10th, 2014