Coleton Haywood

Coleton Haywood

Date of Birth: 11/02/1987.
Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario. Canada.
Where do you live today: Markham, Ontario. Canada.
Full name: Coleton Stephen Haywood.
Nickname: I recieved my nickname from my father as a kid, he called me “Colt The Bolt” becasue I was always running all over the place.
Favorite trick: I love getting big air and holding a grab for a long time. You truly feel like you are flying when you’re in control of your air time.
What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: I love the manoeuvrability of the Sled Dogs on the hill, it gives the rider the feeling of being connected with the ground beneath them.
Other sports you do: I compete in Red Bull Crashed Ice World Tour most of the winter but when I am not racing down ice hills I love getting out to the mountains and riding my Sled Dogs for practice.

I play hockey year round as well as football during the spring and fall.


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Thursday February 19th, 2015