Ingi Freyr Sveinbjörnsson

Ingi Freyr Sveinbjörnsson

Date of Birth: 05/03/1981.
Place of birth: Akureyri, Iceland.
Where do you live today: Akureyri, Iceland.
Full name: Ingi Freyr Sveinbjörnsson.
Nickname: Ingi.
Favorite trick: Front flip and 720° (those are my two biggest tricks and I just love landing them and the front flip has become a little bit of my trademark).

What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: Where to begin, there are so many things…
I like the freedom you get on the skates cause you´re not strapped into anything and the fact that this is probably the one of the cheapest winter sport you can get into

(Only have to buy the skates and you’re good to go. No poles or skis needed.). Everybody can do it cause it’s easy to learn (but hard to master).
So it`s also challenging for those who want to step it up. My personal favorite is to push myself to try to invent new tricks and see how far I can take it.:)

Other sports you do: I also snowboard, Mountain bike, ride jet-ski’s, ATV´s, wakeboarding and in-line skating.


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Thursday February 19th, 2015