Laszlo Karsai

Laszlo Karsai

Date of Birth:1981.
Place of birth: Kiskunhalas, Hungary.
Where do you live today: Hatvan, Hungary.
Full name: Karsai László.
Nickname: The Hun.
Favorite trick: Sweeping down the slopes enjoying the freedom and doing tricks continuously just come into my mind.
What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: In one word, FREEDOM. It is very practical, you can just throw it into the trunk, you don’t have to carry anything while going to the lifts, don’t have to take it off at the cabin lifts.

And while you are sliding down the slopes… well, you are not sliding, it is some kind of flowing of movement. You are not stuck to a piece of wood, and can do whatever you want. Because your movement is so natural,

nothing is blocking your legs, you don’t really have any fear. For example: In the afternoons when the slopes getting very bumpy a lot of ski or snowboard people scared because of the difficult maneuvers.

Well, this is a playground for snowskaters. The small size of Sled Dogs allows you to turn or stop anywhere, anytime. It is very funny :)
Other sports you do: Motorbike riding, skydiving, yoga, archery.


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Wednesday September 10th, 2014