Rune Ingebrigtsen

Rune Ingebrigtsen

Date of Birth: 29/11/1969.
Place of birth: Oslo, Norway.
Where do you live today: Oslo, Norway.
Full name: Rune Ingebrigtsen.
Nickname: Racer.
Favorite trick: Grab,and split on high Bigjumps, and high speed downhill skiing.
What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: It gives you an extreme feeling of a freedom and it is an sensation feeling when you are flying down the slopes with the Sled Dogs on your feet.

It is very fast learning product, and everybody can learn to control Sled Dogs in short a matter of time. The flexibility of the product are unique because you don`t need extra gear- It is just you and your SD`s.. It is just fantastic.

Other sports you do: Alpine (Nordic Jr. champion in Slalom), Rally driver, Cycling, running, in-line skating, racing Gokart (Norwegian Champion and qualified for World final race 2013), Fitness studio workout.


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Thursday February 19th, 2015