Sebastien Cramier

Sebastien Cramier

Date of Birth: 18 th of June, 1974.
Place of birth: Paris, France.
Where do you live today: TOULOUSE, France.
Full name: Sebastien Cramier.
Nickname: Cram Cram.
Favorite trick: Iron Man, but we have to create itJ

What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs: Sled Dogs Snowskates are great, coz they are easy to use, from each level you can have, with a pair of Sled Dogs Snowskates on your feet, you will have fun and quietness, if you love to fly, you will fly higher, with SLED DOGS SNOWSKATES, you even won’t be anymore the one alone at the bar, when your friends, family, colleagues will be on the slopes. With SLED DOGS SNOWSKATES, it’s all TOGETHER, no matter your ride level, beginners or pro, with Sled Dogs Snowskates, you will RIDE, SLIDE, with everyone :-).

Other sports you do: Ice hockey (French champion), wake board, ski, inline roller.


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Wednesday August 13th, 2014