Shin June Chul

Shin June Chul

Date of birth : Aug, 25, 1971.

Place of birth: Hwangsunggun-Kangwondo, South Korea

Where do you live today: Wonjusi-Kangwondo, South Korea

Full name: Shin June Chul

Nickname: Serious

Favorite trick : Onefoot, Openleg, 360 degrees spin jump

What do you think is so great with Sled Dogs:

I have been Snowboarding for more than 10 years.

I used to enjoy inline skating and I wondered why there is no skate in winter like inline skate.

Finally I found Sled Dogs. Sled Dogs equipment gets a lot of attention in the slopes and it has a real spotlight effect. I recommend that people try Sled Dogs to feel the freedom of the equipment and develop new tricks that is not possible on skis and Snowboard. In 2014 president Tommy visited Korea and he gave me the Top Dog Jersey, because he said I am currently the best Snowskater in South Korea.

Other sports you do: Inline, snowboarding etc.


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Thursday September 4th, 2014